zondag 4 november 2018

Berserkir Wargamers @ Crisis 2018

In our eternal quest to promote the tabletop game Darklands we went to the Crisis 2018 with a table full of Mierce miniatures. We love going to this anual wargaming convention and had a great spot in hall 2 this year next to some fantastic clubs.

This years game featured a big battle in wich the Norse invaders disembarked from their drakkars and started pillaging a small town. The Anglecynn and Jutes counterattacked the Norsemen and bloody combat ensued. Our main goal was to showcase the Mierce miniatures and chat about the game to anyone who was interested. 

zaterdag 21 juli 2018

Darklands Battle report: Albainn vs Fomoraic (3000 gold)

Welcome to our most recent battle report featuring the Albainn and Fomoraic hosts. Both warbands fight over an abandoned village, somewhere in Fortriu, homeland of the Albainn. We wanted to play a very big battle (3000 gold) so went for the Darklands Quickstart rules instead of the rules found in the main rulebook. 

Both hosts were set up on the opposite sides of the small village. We decided that all hedges, fences, Woods and rocks counted as difficult ground. 

The Albainn host was centered around Gomagg, the towering giant. The warband consists of quite some heavy Hitters including the Oghurs, Oghuritnes, the Oghu stones and so on. This army can soak a lot of damage and hits back hard!

The Albainn center:

The Albainn left flank:

The rock hard Albainn right flank:

The Fomoraic horde outnumbers the Albainn. The host features a lot of Gabrax to outmanoeuvre the enemy, the feral Tarvax, a Sronax command and a very big and angry mammox!

The Fomorac left flank:

The Fomoraic right flank:

The Fomoraic center:

The Albainn gain the initiative and the Oghurs enter the village.

The Fomoraic respond by sending the feral Tarvax their way!

The Oghu stones advance down the Albainn right.

The Gabrax tain orders his men .. ahem beasts forward.

The Albainn giant enters the village, ready to stomp the Tarvax.

The Fomoraic right flank advances around the village to face of against the Oghuritnes.

The end of the first turn. Still no blood but a lot of units are in charge range of each other. The second turn promises to be bloody!

The Fomoraic gain the initiative and start the turn with a failed charge from the mounted Gabrax Untain...

The Gabrax untain is punished for his rather stupid move by the combined might of the mounted Albainn Warchief and the Oghuritnes. First blood!

Gomagg gets charged by the first Tarvax unit and their Tain in the center of the battlefield. The enraged minotaurs manage to cut big holes in the lumbering behemoth. In turn, two of their number are hacked in two!

On the Fomoraic right the Gabrax, Sronox and Sronax advance on the Gairlom who are hiding in the Woods.

The battle is now in full swing. The Oghu stones are charged by a Gabrax herd and recieve a lot of damage. The Albainn Oghurüc engages the Mammox, does some minor dagame and gets ripped apart.

A lot of Gairlom are flattened by the big club of the Fomoraic Sronox. Splat!

The Albainn giant destroys the first Tarvax unit and kills the Tarvax Tain. But the second Tarvax unit then charges the Giant and manage to kill him.

The Oghurs try to avenge their big kinsman and engage the Tarvax who are still feeding on Gomagg's corpse. 

Cqaa, the Sronox, is still busy smashing tiny Gairlom. His Sronax mates are readying themselves for a brutal charge against the Oghuritnes.

Sronax and Oghuritnes are now hacking at each other with full force. The battle is reaching a bloody climax!

The Tarvax in the center are obliterated by the Oghurs and their leader. The center belongs to the Albainn!

The Fomoraic left flank looks to be in trouble: All the Gabrax are massacred by the bloodthirsty Oghuritnes.

But then the Mammox turns up and is ready to engage the Oghuritnes.

Alas, after having played for the entire afternoon, we had to call the battle at this point. The center of the battlefield was in control of the Albainn and the Fomoraic right flank was crushing the Albainn left flank. But the fight in the south between the Oghuritnes and Mammox could go either way and was far from over!

A big thank you to my best friend Thomas for this awesome battle. It was great to see a large part of our collecting of Mierce miniatures battling it out against each other!