zondag 16 oktober 2016

Darklands Battle report: Khthones vs Albainn (999 gold)

"The Khthones invade!" A Darklands battle report by Krikke

It was a wet and cold autumn day at around 9 am in the morning, when the vile Kthones started their attack on the peacefull village of Albain Oghurs.

The Kthones picked their time to attack well, the weather was in their favor. Torrential rain was turning the battlefield into a mud field, slowing everyone and everything down and hindering visibility.
The weather would prove to be a hindering factor the entire battle raining the whole time.
1st hour is pretty uneventfull as everyone manouvers to get into a better position. 

Already it's clear the Albainn pooring out of their village are bottlenecking themselves. Second hour and the fight is on. Albainn human infantry is bogged down and gets charged by the first unit of Krokos.
They get eaten!
Oghurs charge in. They kill 1 and wound another Kroko. Krokos stay in combat after a succesful panic test. Thirth hour and Albain initiative

After killing all but one Kroko of the first unit, our defending Oghur promptly get charged by a new unit including the Kthones general. Things will only go downhill from now on.

When the dust settles, 2 more Oghurs bravely died to defend their homes.

Fifth hour and we can see the battle is about to end. Although the Albainn fought valiantly, it was not to be. Their village would be taken by the vile Kthones. Who knows what they would do to the women and children...

There was so much bloodshed, Krull came to visit to check it out! ;-)

Another awesome evening with my gaming buddies, beautiful models, beers and the awesome game of Darklands.

Thank you Beire and Tho!

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