vrijdag 20 januari 2017

A Box full of Mierce: Part II

In today's post I'll be reviewing some of the latest Mierce miniatures that I've purchased. I decided to start yet another new Darklands faction, the Fomoraic. The Gabrax models caught my intention, I really like how they look so dark, vicious and brutal. They perfectly embody the Darklands setting that I came to love.

First up is Daachuch The Broken, Gabrax skull bearer/warrior Daachuch:


I decided to buy both Daachuch the banner bearer and the Daachuch warrior alternative with the axe in his other hand. Both the resin and the metal miniatures are incredibly detailed and there is only minor flash to clean up. A great sculpt with a lot of character, can't wait to paint him!

Next up is armoured Brunchaath, a Gabrax warchief. There is not a lot to say about this guy, the sculpt is very detailed and it was very easy to assemble him. 

And last but not least we have Chaagmuth the jaw-taker. This Gabrax warlord rides his trusty toracx mount. Some minor flash had to be cleaned up around the teeth and he was ready to assemble.

Another great looking miniature, the level of detail on Mierce models are truly stunning!

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