zondag 12 februari 2017

Getting ready for Tactica 2017

Today I present our mission briefing and army lists for the Hamburg Tactica convention. Tho en I will be playing a large Saga battle (10 point warbands, each player will be commanding 2 warbands). We will be showcasing some of the fantastic Mierce miniatures.

We are going to play a large river battle, the battle for our hometown Leuven (known as Loven in the Dark Ages). This battle between the Franks and Vikings took place in the year 891. The Franks were led by Arnulf of Carinthia and managed to beat of the Viking invasion.

I will be playing the Franks. We decided that no two battleboards would be the same so I picked both The Frankish and the Milites Christi battleboards:

Tho is commanding the Viking horde and took the Vikings and Jomsvikings battleboards:

See you next weekend at the Hamburg tactica convention!

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