dinsdag 7 november 2017

Berserkir Wargamers @ Crisis 2017

Once again, we had a fantastic time at the Crisis Convention in Antwerp. We showed off a huge amount of our freshly painted Darklands models to help promoting the game.

The setup was a Fomoraic attack on an Albainn/Erainn village. Thomas made sure that the display table looked suitably epic. The table featured a small bay, a river, some hills and a huge eyecatching waterfall. 

Apart from all the great tables at the convention, we loved chatting with fellow gamers from all around Europe and buying cheap stuff at the flee market. We caught up with Tobias and Evelien from W├╝rfelkrieg and were amazed at the gigantic Warhammer siege table, made by the Wargaming Monkeys. 

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