woensdag 21 december 2016

A Box full of Mierce: Part I

Last week I recieved a big box full of Mierce models. Time to take some pictures and scale comparisons!

An Anglecynn Duguth warrior, the detail is fantastic:

The Chaos giant from Banelegions, he's huge!

I immediately began constructing the Chaos giant. He even dwarfs the Mierce Jot√ľnn:

The Chaos giant next to a 28mm Saga figure and the Mierce Jormungand troll:

The Anglecynn Mithlaf, morthorbera next to a 28mm GW Braganza's besiegers model:

And next to a 28mm Saga figure and the Mierce Jormungand troll:

zondag 18 december 2016

Wargaming for life @ Winksele

Our wargaming club 'The Wargaming Monkeys' hosted a small gaming convention called 'Wargaming for life'. The goal was to raise money for the Kinderkankerfonds, this is a Belgian organisation wich helps children who suffer from cancer. Various Belgian wargaming clubs attended the convention and collected money for this charity.

Thomas and I decided to host a large gaming table featering all our painted dark ages/medieval models. We also wanted to showcase the fantastic Mierce miniatures so decided to mix things up. We played a large Saga game with two battleboards on each side. Both of us had two different 10 point armies. Thomas played with the Vikings and Huns. I played Militi Christi and Pagan Rus. The Mierce miniatures represented large hearthguard units. 

During the convention, our families and friends payed a visit to our table. A lot of young kids were interested in the models and the game. So a great deal of our time was spent on explaining where we got the models from and what wargaming was all about. Both of us were joined in battle by some youngsters who wanted to roll dice and move figures. We just finished our game at the end of the day.

This was our setup:

The armies:

woensdag 23 november 2016

Today I recieved a parcel from Adrian Howe from Adrian's walls ( http://adrianswalls.co.uk/):

Adrians Wall's Dark ages scenery is ideal for games like Darklands or Saga and it even comes pre painted! I grabbed some figures and made some quick atmospheric shots of the setup:

Berserkir Logo

I've been working on a logo for our Berserkir blog and facebook page. This will not be the final version but it will have to do for now :). I drew it by hand with a pencil and added the colours with Photoshop:

zondag 6 november 2016

Crisis 2016

Our Darklands display table generated a lot of interest at Crisis 2016. Thanks for all gamers who dropped by to have a chat with us!