zondag 30 oktober 2016

Darklands terrain and models photoshoot!

We are enjoying a sunny autumn afternoon here in Belgium. Perfect for a photoshoot to take pictures and show you guys some terrain and wip Darklands models!

woensdag 26 oktober 2016

Work in progress

This Archaon on foot conversion will be my Darklands Norse Skipari:

An awesome Blood Rage Berserker model:

And I also started working on the fantastic Mierce miniatures Jotünn, he is an absolute joy to paint!

woensdag 19 oktober 2016

Belech, painted by Krikke

Krikke just finished Belech for his Fomoraic host. I think it's one of his best painted miniatures to date!

Darklands Battle report: Albainn vs Norse (999 gold)


The year is 650 AD. A small warband of Norse raiders embarks from their longships after a long journey at sea. Scout parties detect a small Albainn host that prepares to meet the raiders head on.

Troll Gothi Laugär takes command and orders his men and trolls to take up battle formations. It is the dawn of a very hot summer day and the Norse ready themselves for the coming bloodshed.
Drast the Hunched surveys the battlefield. The Norse raiders are deploying around a large building nearby. But the Albainn warlord anticipated this raid and is preparing to set up his trap...
 Bagseg, the oghurithne Umaer leads his fellow oghurithnis through the thick woods. They have succesfully outflanked the bulk of the Norse forces.
The Norse holumann unit detects the oghurithne war party and charges into battle. But fear engulfs the otherwise brave men from the north and their charge is unsuccesfully. The oghurithnes retaliate and they start butchering their opponents. Three holumann manage to escape the carnage.
After this show of force the Oghurithnes breakthrough into the second unit of Holumann. The Norse Visi Haäkon Ingvarsson enters the fray and starts hacking at the giant brutes. But thanks to their parry saves, the oghurithnes only take minor damage.
 The Norse battle line is barely holding after the Albainn shock attack. The fell troll roars at the enemy but fails to make an impression...
Troll Gothi Laugär desperately tries to swing the tide of battle. He launches a couple of lightning bolts at Ettu, the stone giant. But Ettu, the great stone construct, only takes minor damage. The Gothi orders the Trolls to press forward but they are too far out of position.
A giant melee ensues when the brave Albainn Gairlom charge the fell troll. They manage to hack big chunks of meat out of him. But the lumbering troll is not fast (and skilled) enough to damage the gairlom in return.
Uhmaer Gudhlagg scans the battlefield for a worthy opponent. He spots the unit of trolls (and some tasty beers!) and decides to charge in. After a brutal combat in wich the trolls totally screw up, the Uhmaer emerges victorious.
The Norse have taken a tremendous beating and even the fell troll is brought down by the puny Gairlom spearmen. Troll Gothi Laugär decides that he has made enough mistakes on this hot and sunny morning. He scrambles what is left of his host and decides to head for the beachhead. This battle is lost but he will return. One day...
Victory to the Albainn!

zondag 16 oktober 2016

Darklands Battle report: Khthones vs Albainn (999 gold)

"The Khthones invade!" A Darklands battle report by Krikke

It was a wet and cold autumn day at around 9 am in the morning, when the vile Kthones started their attack on the peacefull village of Albain Oghurs.

The Kthones picked their time to attack well, the weather was in their favor. Torrential rain was turning the battlefield into a mud field, slowing everyone and everything down and hindering visibility.
The weather would prove to be a hindering factor the entire battle raining the whole time.
1st hour is pretty uneventfull as everyone manouvers to get into a better position. 

Already it's clear the Albainn pooring out of their village are bottlenecking themselves. Second hour and the fight is on. Albainn human infantry is bogged down and gets charged by the first unit of Krokos.
They get eaten!
Oghurs charge in. They kill 1 and wound another Kroko. Krokos stay in combat after a succesful panic test. Thirth hour and Albain initiative

After killing all but one Kroko of the first unit, our defending Oghur promptly get charged by a new unit including the Kthones general. Things will only go downhill from now on.

When the dust settles, 2 more Oghurs bravely died to defend their homes.

Fifth hour and we can see the battle is about to end. Although the Albainn fought valiantly, it was not to be. Their village would be taken by the vile Kthones. Who knows what they would do to the women and children...

There was so much bloodshed, Krull came to visit to check it out! ;-)

Another awesome evening with my gaming buddies, beautiful models, beers and the awesome game of Darklands.

Thank you Beire and Tho!

Darklands madness! Part II

We've played a big multiplayer battle on tuesday and a 1vs1 on saturday. Krikke is writing a battle report about saturday's game. Here are some random pictures of the battles:

Tho's Norse deploy for battle:
 Vore, the Maw beast eats some Ysian drunes:
 Druc does what he's good at: eating crocodiles for breakfast!
 A giant melee involving Krokodar and Oghuritnes:
Mighty Srok battles a swarm of Oghuritnes and Ettu the goghu:

 We're Belgians so a lot of beer is consumed during these bloody battles. Cheers!