donderdag 29 september 2016

WIP Khthones Krokodar

Here are some WIP shots of my Krokodar, they just need some finishing touches and I need to finalize the bases.

These awesome models rank amongst my favorite Mierce sculpts:

Badass Krokodar with a big club, what is not to like?

This bunch of happy fellows has been basecoated and washed. They now await an epic paintjob!

WIP Norse Trolls

Below are some pictures of my WIP Mierce Norse trolls:

 Detail shot of J├Ârmungand, the Troll Jarl:

Group shot:

Berserkir Wargamers blog is alive and kicking!

Welcome to the Berserkir Wargamers blog!

This blog is dedicated to the tabletop miniatures game 'Darklands' by Mierce Miniatures. We are a close group of friends who enjoy painting and gaming with our collection of miniatures. All of us hail from Leuven, a Belgian town best known for it's university and tasty beer.

I hope to regulary post painted miniatures and bloody battle reports. Enjoy!