dinsdag 5 september 2017

The Herd: Part IV

In this blogpost I'll be showing you an update on my project 'The Herd'. All models are made by Mierce miniatures. The goal of this project is to build a huge Darklands Fomoraic army, mainly consisting of the fantastic Gabrax and Tarvax models. I love painting and modelling these models, they have so much character!

Here is an overview of the finished models. Many more will (hopefully) follow in the next couple of months!

A large Gabrax herd, led by Brunchaath the Vile and Daachuch the Broken:

The Gul-Gabrax, led by Chaaruch the Despoiler:

The roaring Sronax:

The bellowing Tarvax:

Maallolvor, the lumbering Mallox: