zondag 28 mei 2017

The Herd: Part III

Progress continues on 'The Herd':

First up is Warrior Daachuch:

Ablaa, Gabrax warrior:

Maalolvor, the lumbering Mallox. He just needs some highlights and the base is not yet finished:

Two savage Tarvax warriors:

Next on the painting table: 5 Gul-Gabrax warriors

vrijdag 26 mei 2017

Darklands Battle report: Albainn vs Khthones (999 gold)


Today we bring you an epic struggle between the Albainn 'Painted Ones' and the 
Khthones 'Slaughterers'.

The Khthones deploy first due to their lower authorithy rating. The Krokodarchon chooses to deploy his reptilian mates in a central position on the battlefield. Two small woods flank the Khthones' deployment, so it won't be easy to outflank the small host.

The Albainn general decides on a left flank deployment type. Oghuritnes and oghurs are on both flanks and the revered goghu anchors the battleline.

Both hosts are deployed, time to smash each other's brains out!

Turn 1

The Krokodarchon starts the battle by daunting the Oghuritnes and Drast, the hound of Dun Durn. He then advances alongside his Krokodar bodyguards. 

The Albainn sagart casts 'resistance' on the big unit of Oghuritnes. He then tries to recover but fails his recovery test. One fumble roll later, 9 wounds of damage are added to one of the Oghuritnes. Luckely, the Sagart survives the magic backlash.  Bagseg, the Oghuritne Umaer inspires the Oghuritnes and they move towards the Krokodar.

Turn 2

Aggrakk, the brutal Krokokh warrior charges into the Oghurs. One Oghur is knocked uncouncious and is killed outright. But before the Krokokh can feast on the corps of the fallen Oghur, Gudhlagg and the surviving Oghurs step forward and kill the foul beast.

The Khthones retain the initiative and the Krokodarch and his Krokodar bodyguards smash into the Oghuritnes. The Krokodars deal out 65 damage and the Krokodarchon an impressive 84 damage! Several Oghuritnes are torn limb from limb by the cold blooded killers. 

Brugbad, the Oghuritne Rud rallies the survivors around him and together they put 41 damage on the Krokodars. 

The Krokodars are the strong unit, are swift chargers and aquired a whole pile of blood. Unsurprisingly, the Oghuritnes retreat from the onslaught but are caught and utterly destroyed by the Krokodar and their leader. Savage!

The Albainn are reeling but continue the fight. The Sagart puts 'stone shatter' on Bagseg, the Oghuritne Umaer. Bagseg then charges the weary krokodar unit and deals 53 damage, enough to kill a Krokodar warrior all by himself. The other Krokodar unit and Ettu, the revered Oghu exchange blows but both hold firm.

Turn 3

Once again, the Khthones gain the initiative, despite the re-roll for the Albainn. The krokodarchon activates first and cuts down Bagseg. His surviving bodyguard kills the wounded Oghu.

The Albainn Oghurs finally end their flanking manoeuvre and attack the second Krokodar unit. They deal 93 damage but despite the carnage, the stubborn Krokodar hold firm. The Krokodarch, the other Khthones commander, then joins the fray and destroyes one Oghur. Gudhlagg and the surviving Oghur fall back.

Turn 4

The end is in sight for the few Albainn survivors. Gudhlagg and his mate make a last stand against the murderous reptiles. After a last brutal combat, the game ends.

Victory to the Khthones!

zondag 7 mei 2017

The Herd: Part II

A quick update on 'The Herd':

Assembled Galagaak, the raging Tarvox:

The gigantic Maatmäg, mammox of the Fomoraic:

Gaalgar's herd, the Gul-Gabrax:

Next: assembling even more Gabrax and Tarvax warriors!

The Painted Ones: Part I

Here are some pictures of Dento's Darklands project, 'The Painted Ones'. It will feature a large Albainn host with an Erainn allied contignent: