donderdag 27 april 2017

The Herd: Part I

I just started working on a big project called: 'The Herd'. 

'The Herd' is a project in wich I will be a building a huge Darklands Fomoraic host. The Gabrax and Tarvax models are amongst my favoriete Mierce miniatures and will make up the biggest part of the herd. 

Here are some shots of my first Gabrax and Tarvax models:

maandag 10 april 2017

The Darklands assembly line

Some work in progress shots of our Darklands models:

YsianUngefelic, mantichora

Atalantes Kretos, ogros of bronze
Norse Hrudinn, Valhrafn
Fomoraic Gabrax and Tarvax warriors

Maallolvor, the lumbering Mallox, accompanied by some Gabrax reinforcements

And after a first coat of paint

woensdag 5 april 2017

Troll Invasion

One year ago, I started collecting Mierce miniatures by painting my favorite model to date, a Norse Troll Jarl:

The sheer brutality of the Norse trolls, sculpted by the amazing Allan Carrasco, sums up the atmosphere of Darklands for me. The models are equally brutal on the Darklands battlefield and after a couple of bloody test battles I decided to invest in a Norse Troll theme army. My most recent addition are two fell trolls, painted for the Impact Eindhoven 2017 Convention.

 And here are some shots of the rest of the Trolls: